Jamie's Highly Recommended Carpet Cleaning in Norwood SE19


  • £19
  • Per bedroom, hot water extraction cleaning. Minimum charges apply.
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  • £11
  • Per seat, hot water extraction cleaning. Minimum charges apply.
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  • £33
  • Single, dry mattress sanitizing. Minimum charges apply.
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Textile manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to extend the lifespan of fabrics. Treat your floors to Jamie’s carpet cleaning in Norwood SE19 that meets and exceeds all industry standards. Whether you’re looking for a domestic or commercial service, for dry or steam cleaning, you’ll get quality workmanship at a favourable price.

What You’ll Be Booking

Depending on the composition of your carpets and your specific needs, either dry or steam carpet cleaning services will be recommended:

Dry carpet cleaning: Is indicated for delicate pieces susceptible to colour-run or shrinkage. It’s also a suitable treatment for any piece which isn’t very dirty when you need a quick refreshing treatment and the full use of a room back without waiting for a floor to dry. Solvents are used to treat specific stains, then a dry powder is worked into the rug. This is allowed time to absorb dirt and then removed by vacuum cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning: Is the recommended treatment for stain removal for any carpet that will tolerate a water-based technique. The floor is vacuum cleaned, dirty areas are pre-treated with a detergent selected for the specific staining, the whole room is shampooed, and the water and detergents extracted at the end of the treatment. Drying times vary according to the composition of the piece and the environmental conditions. Ask about air blowers to speed drying when you need to get the use of the space back as quickly as possible.

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